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Just to inform you all that Dynmap is now fully working.

A lot of the map still needs to be explored and rendered and I am working on that, however the map up. Click on the More tab at the top.

Have fun exploring the LinexMC world!!



* Daily rewards are back - type /dialyrewards in-game to access the GUI.

* New Jobs timed boosters have been added.

* All in-game GUIs have now been updated - type /menu to access the master in-gamke GUI.


MyPet has now been added to the server - see the server infromation forum for commands and information.

Sales bonuses have been added to certain ranks. The sales bonus applies to all ranks above until the next bonus applies.

/ranks GUI has been fully updated and corrected.

pet permission have been added to Donor ranks and on-line shop information (tomorrow 28th Oct).


MyPet allows you to tame and keep pets on LinexMC. In order to capture a pet you will need a lead. To make any mob a pet, hold a lead in your hand and beat the mob until its health is virtually zero. On the next hit you will then 'capture' the mob and it will become your pet. Please note that certain mobs require you to tame them before being able to capture them as a pet.



/mypet - shows all available MyPet commands.

/petinfo [username] (or /pinfo) - shows information about your own or other player's pets.

/petinfo (or /petname) [new-pet-name] - sets the name of your pet. MC colour names can also be used, e.g. <black>, <darkblue> etc.</darkblue></black>

/petrelease [pet-name] - release your pet so you don't have a pet anymore.

/petcall (/pc /petc) - teleports your pet to you

/petsendaway (/psa /petsa) - sends your pet away. You can still call it back using /petcall.

/petrespawn (/petr /pr) [pay or show or auto]

- Example: A player used /petrespawn auto 10 and the pet dies and has a respawn time of 16 seconds. Now the plugin will wait until the respawntime is 10 seconds and then respawn the pet when the owner can pay the respawn fee.

/petswtich (/pswitch) - allows you to switch between pets.

/petstore (/pstore /pst) - allows you to store your active pet. Stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command.

/pettrade (/pett /pt) [accept or reject or cancel or <player name=""> | <price> - Offers your current pet to another player. </price></player>

/petskill or /petskill [playername] - shows info about the skills of your pet, or another player's pet

/petstop (/ps /pets) - orders your pet to stop attacking its target (ineffective with farm and aggressive behaviour modes).

/petchooseskilltree (/pcst /petcst) - shows all available skilltrees and lets you select a skill tree for your pet.


/petcapturehelper (/pch) - enables or disables the petcapture mode (you need to have a lead in your hand). 

/petoptions <option> [settings] - options for healthbar, idle-volume.</option>

Skill Commands

/petinventory (/pi /peti) - opens inventory of your pet.

/petpickup (/pp /petp) - toggle on/off you pet pickin up items.

/petbehaviour [mode] (/pb /petb) - modesfor your pet are; [friendly], [normal], [farm], [raid], [duel].

/petbeacon (/pbeacon) - opens the beacon window of your pet.

Creative Server

Today we launch our creative server to all players. Why not try your builds on the creative server then implament them on Towny. WorldEdit might be added in the near future. Get on and allow your creativity to flow :)

Other Updates

Trails have now been fixed

/rtp errors have been updated, with better performance

Major re-working of in-game ranks has now been completed

Network-wide chat has now been enabled so you can chat to all players and friends, whichever server you are playing on.


And there is more to come

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